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A sign of excitement: School’s back!

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It’s back to school across the district – and at Queen Elizabeth Elementary in Queensborough, everyone’s ready…

Welcome Back! Students share stories, play with friends, and start a new year of learning…

September 6, 2018 – Grade 2 Queen Elizabeth student Ashdeep was so excited about her first day back to school, she made a sign to celebrate the event – with a little help from her Dad.

She could hardly wait to join other eager students lined up at Queen Elizabeth elementary school early Tuesday morning and start the new year.

When the bell finally rang, each class at QE was treated to a unique welcome.

In teacher Marlin Toftager’s class, grade one students gathered in a sharing circle to tell stories about their summer.

In teacher Rachel McClelland’s class, her former grade one students gathered to spend time with each other in familiar surroundings before heading to their new grade 2 class.


“Every year brings new faces and a new chance to teach…. I’m just as excited as the students are,” said McClelland.


In the library, brand new students to Queen Elizabeth elementary got a special welcome. There, teachers and education assistants were on hand to ease their transition to a new learning environment.

And for students in grade three teacher Joe Fillippone’s class, it was straight to business. Enthusiastic students sat in desks, pencils in hand, paper at the ready.

For them, day one started with a quiz –  the kind that requires fun answers to seemingly silly questions, like: what time of day are you tallest?  And how much food do we eat in a lifetime: the weight of 6 elephants? Perhaps 12 elephants?  

A year of deeper learning…

At New Westminster Schools, more than 7000 students and 500 teachers across the district returned this week to 8 elementary, 3 middle, and one high school, as well as to a variety of New Westminster Schools youth alternate, online and home learner programs.

For kindergarten to grade nine students, the year ahead promises enriching engagement with BC’s redesigned curriculum, now in its third year of implementation across the province. The redesigned curriculum begins this year for Grade 10 students; and next year for Grades 11 and 12.

For all students, an emphasis in the curriculum on critical thinking skills, social and personal responsibility, and communication skills is a key to deeper engagement and lifelong learning.

From student learning in literacy and numeracy to the performing arts and robotics, there is much to look forward to in the coming year!