When it comes to working to keep our schools as safe as possible, there are many layers of protocols and practices that are working together.

Ventilation systems: documentation for each school

One of the measures we have in place is our ventilation systems, that are being careful kept in good working order, to help increase the amount of clean air entering our schools and classrooms.

Our Facilities team has been working exceptionally hard to make sure our schools are maximizing our systems at each site. Here are some things to know about ventilation in New Westminster schools:

  • Thanks to the newer construction of many of our New Westminster schools, in collaboration with proactive years of upgrades to others, we are meeting or exceeding the recommended standards wherever possible.
  • All filters – at every school and site – were replaced over the summer and will be replaced on a regular schedule throughout the year.
  • Our Facilities team has ensured that we continue to run our ventilation at full capacity, as we maximize the circulation of clean air at each school.
  • And we have added portable HEPA filter units to every portable in the District.

Below are completed overviews of the systems at each school (updated September 2023).

Connaught – Ventilation Overview

FW Howay – Ventilation Overview

Herbert Spencer – Ventilation Overview

Lord Kelvin – Ventilation Overview

Lord Tweedsmuir – Ventilation Overview

Qayqayt – Ventilation Overview

Queen Elizabeth – Ventilation Overview

Skwo:wech – Ventilation Overview


Fraser River Middle – Ventilation Overview

Glenbrook Middle – Ventilation Overview

Queensborough Middle – Ventilation Overview

NWSS – Ventilation Overview


RCAP / POWER – Ventilation Overview

Hume Park Learning Centre – Ventilation Overview

MIT (Maintenance and TIS) building – Ventilation Overview

School Board Office – Ventilation Overview

Communicable Disease Plan

Our District continues to have protocols and practices in place to ensure we reduce the risk of spread of any communicable disease. To help keep students, staff and others in our community safe and healthy, please remember to:

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Follow the advice given by medical professionals or health authorities when it comes to when it’s appropriate to return to work or school following an illness.
  • Practice good hygiene: cover your mouth if you cough, and clean your hand regularly (particularly upon entry to the building or a classroom, if you cough or sneeze, and before and after eating). Where there is not easy access to a sink nearby, hand sanitizer will be available for those who need it.
  • Fraser Health continues to encourage everyone who can to stay up-to-date on all vaccinations, including getting the latest COVID-19 booster, when it is available.

Here is our most recent Communicable Disease Plan: Communicable Disease Plan – 5.0 (Sept. 2023)