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Communications goals are all about expanding and deepening our connections with people: with students, families, staff and the broader community. By doing this, we strengthen our ability to work together, collaborate and move the goals of other departments along.

Objectives Key results
1. Improve user experiences through easier access to information and tools 1.1 Refreshing websites with user experience of our target audiences in mind

1.2 Providing more opportunities for parents and community to connect with the District:

    • Creating a new email address to enable replies to emails sent on behalf of the District, providing more opportunities to connect
    • Open up Facebook settings to increase engagement
    • Use new digital platforms to host Townhalls, Board Meetings, and participate in PAC and DPAC meetings

1.3 Brand and application review

1.4 Create a communications calendar

2. Support ongoing development of the District website as a one-stop information hub 2.1 Refresh website with parent as primary target audience

    • Created COVID info centre
    • Address duplication in site architecture
    • Rework copy and organization to easier, more approachable options

2.2 Staff portal development

    • Collaborate with TIS to migrate staff portal

2.3 Capital Projects info page

2.4 Public Awareness and engagement with strategic plan

3. Support school-based information that’s timely, meaningful, accessible and transparent 3.1 Systematic training across all schools

3.2 Regular website maintenance

3.3 Standardize tools to make updates easier

    • Provide brand guides
    • Build image library
    • Create website guide
4. Measure Success 4.1 Collect baseline measures in 2020, to inform target setting in 2021

    • Website page views
    • Bounce rates
    • Social media followers, views and engagement rates

4.2 Use qualitative feedback where appropriate to measure success and modify strategies

Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

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