Information Technology

As we look to how we lead into the future, our IT team is excited to take on portions of this challenge. By using technology in smarter ways, we can improve experiences and connections between students, staff and the families in our community.

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Improve Student, Parent and Staff Experience with Technology

  1. Move to Microsoft as the main cloud platform
  2. Consolidate app access to reduce the number of sign-ins
  3. Optimize equipment deployment processes
  4. Improve support services
Objective 2:

Strengthen Privacy & Security Practices

  1. Strengthen Cybersecurity awareness
  2. Strengthen Privacy awareness as it relates to FOIPPA
  3. Enhance Cyber Incident Response Procedures
Objective 3:

Operational Excellence

  1. Optimize Technology budget and procurement
  2. Enhance and transition skills in support of new technology
  3. Optimize equipment life cycle management
  4. Enhance wireless network services