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All schools open today

All New Westminster School sites are open today.

With both the air quality and particulate matter indexes improving, and under consultation with Fraser Health, all our schools in New Westminster will be reopening today.

Under the more general and ongoing air quality advisory that is affecting the overall Lower Mainland region, we will continue as per the advice from our local Medical Health Officer. We will be:

  • Keeping windows and doors shut, and utilizing filtered ventilation systems
  • Monitoring staff and students with known health conditions (like asthma) who might be more sensitive
  • Rescheduling or restricting unnecessary physical activity (like PE)
  • At a District level, we are recommending students remain inside during the breaks today.

If you, as a family, choose to not send your child to school today, please make sure to contact your school’s office and let them know.

-The New Westminster Schools team