The below application form is for Out-of-District students who are applying for full-credit summer learning courses.

You will need your child’s PEN number in order to complete this form. Not sure how to find it? Here’s a link to the file on our District’s Tech Hub for Parents section in our website that gives you the step-by-step on how to find this within MyEd BC:

If you have multiple students you are applying for, you will need to fill in the below form multiple times.

If you are a graduating student taking a summer school course for completion, please also pick "grade 12"
Please list the full name of the school the student currently attends, along with their District
Please note that a PEN number is different than a pupil number. The PEN number contains a minimum of 9 characters. Follow the instructions at the top of this page if you need help finding your child’s PEN.

This form might take a moment to process. Please only click “submit” once and wait for your entry to process. You will see a confirmation message on screen when it has successfully been submitted. Thank you!