The below application form is for New Westminster Schools students who are applying for non-credit short courses through summer learning.

You will need your child’s PEN number in order to complete this form. Not sure how to find it? Here’s a link to the file on our District’s Tech Hub for Parents section in our website that gives you the step-by-step on how to find this within MyEd BC:

If you have multiple students you are applying for, you will need to fill in the below form multiple times.

Please note that a PEN number is different than a pupil number. The PEN number contains a minimum of 9 characters. Follow the instructions at the top of this page if you need help finding your child’s PEN.
Please select the below school or program that you (or your child) are currently enrolled in. (Note: if the student attends a private or independent school in New Westminster, they are still considered out-of-district, as they are not enrolled in the schools and programs we run. Please use the out-of-district form to apply.)
Please note: in order to apply for the French Immersion course, your child must be currently enrolled in French Immersion.
This form might take a moment to process. Please only click “submit” once and wait for your entry to process. You will see a confirmation message on screen when it has successfully been submitted. Thank you!