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Education Assistant Training Program in New West

We have exciting news for anyone interested in becoming an Education Assistant!

July 4, 2019: Please note: our application process is now closed. We thank you for your interest!

New Westminster Schools is now offering an Education Assistant Training Program: a part-time diploma course leading to full qualifications.

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Our diploma program:

      • starts September 10, 2019
      • includes 2 three-week practicums
      • welcomes applications by July 2, 2019
      • Learn more here.

With high demands for Education Assistants in New Westminster Schools and elsewhere, our comprehensive diploma program provides credentials to be an EA in a variety of settings.

The program is offered in partnership with Burnaby Community and Continuing Education. Classes will be held at Fraser River Middle School.

The program starts in September, and will run through to June. Education Assistants at New Westminster Schools support vulnerable students and are critical members of our school teams.