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Bus service increases & safe commutes

For those who are driving around our community, a friendly reminder that school zones will be back in effect, starting Tuesday September 6th. Please drive with care as crosswalks and drop-off zones will be busy while we all get back into our school routines.

For those who use buses to commute to or from school, we wanted to make sure you know about increased Translink bus services that will start on Monday. The two most significant changes in our community are:

  • Route 128 – 22ndStreet Station / Braid Station
    In peak commute hours, including in the before and after school windows, the frequency of the 128 will change from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes, which will result in there being an extra bus on the route each hour. This will better support students and staff transferring from higher frequency Queensbourgh routes, and it improves access for all those who use this cross-city route along 8th
  • Route 104 – Annacis Island / 22ndStreet Station
    To support the busy morning commute window, an additional trip (which runs through Queensborough) will leave Annacis Island at 7:11am.

More information on bus service changes that will start on September 5th can be found on the Translink website:

We want to acknowledge the students, families, staff, trustees and others who advocated for increased services. We will continue to work alongside all our stakeholders as Translink assesses how these changes address the needs of students, families and staff trying to access our schools.

For those travelling to school on foot, the City of New Westminster’s Transportation Department has safety tips and walking routes* mapped out for each school here:
*Note that these were produced in 2018 and Skwo:wech Elementary is still listed as McBride

Whether you’re walking, biking, driving or busing next week, we look forward to welcoming you back,

  • The New Westminster Schools team