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Communications Survey: assessing how we’re connecting with you

We’re working hard to continue to improve and build on the ways we connect with you. That includes work to improve the tools we’re using, like our websites, email support systems, our social media channels and more.

For example, changes you may have noticed recently include:

  • The addition of new parent focused resource sections within the District’s website, like:
    • The Tech Hub for Parents: how-to guides and trouble shooting tips, for when your child is having trouble with a device, or
    • The updated Parent Guide to Inclusive Education, loaded into the website so families can use the Google translate which is built into our site, or use text-to-speech apps or programs for increased accessibility
  • Online absence report forms that have been introduced for all schools over the last year
  • We’ve been sharing timely or interesting updates on Facebook and Twitter for some time, but did you know you can catch up on our most visual stories on Instagram now too?
    If you haven’t followed us yet, you can click the links to take you to those pages, or search for us at @newwestschools on the platform of your choice.

We want to hear from you about some possible next steps. Please take a few minutes to help us review how we’re communicating with you, and let us know what you’d like to see next:

*For the purpose of this survey we are NOT inquiring about communication from individual teachers, staff or elected trustees. We are looking at where our tools and wider communications efforts are working well, and where we have room for improvement. 

This survey will be open until Sunday February 26th, 2023. Thank you very much for taking your time to share your thoughts with us!