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Daily health assessment checklist

School will look a little different this year, as there are many layers of new protocols in place that that will help keep everyone safer. One of the key ways we’re going to do that is making sure that if your child is sick, they need to stay home.

Here is the newly updated (Sept 18) daily health assessment checklist that each parent or guardian needs to have: HealthChecklist_Sept18_FINAL

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to make sure that this assessment is done, each and every day, before sending a child to school … whether that child is in Kindergarten or grade 12.

Please use the above health check list each morning and follow the advice listed there around what to do if new symptoms arise, if you’ve travelled internationally, or if you’ve had public health officers reach out to confirm you’ve been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

More information

We know you have some broader questions about the health check process as well. Here are a few of the questions we’re hearing and the answers to them (noting that this is the direction being given by the BC Centre for Disease Control and is supported by Fraser Health).

What if someone else in our home is sick?
The Daily Health Check needs to be completed for each student or adult intending to enter a school that day.

If your child exhibits one or more of the key symptoms, has travelled internationally, or has been contacted by public health officers and informed they are a confirmed contact of a person with COVID-19, follow the advice listed on the Daily Health Check (or the advice received from a public health officer) for next steps.

If none of the above applies – and you have not been otherwise instructed by a public health officer or other medical professional – then even if another person in the house is not feeling well, the person exhibiting no symptoms or signs that they’re ill may attend school, if you decide it is appropriate.

What if my child has allergies or this symptom is not new to them?
If the symptom is consistent with a previously diagnosed health condition (e.g. allergies or asthma), and it is not unusual for your child to have that symptom, they may return to school. No assessment or note will be required from a health provider.

Other languages

Need this in a language other than English? The Ministry of Education has translated this information into 11 different languages and dialects (it looks a little different than the English version we’re using, but it provides the same general directions, with all the same questions to screen for). Please select the language below that’s best for you and your family:

Daily health check form_ARABIC
Daily health check form_CHINESE Simplified
Daily health check form_CHINESE Traditional
Daily health check form_FARSI
Daily health check form_FRENCH
Daily health check form_HINDI
Daily health check form_KOREAN
Daily health check form_PUNJABI
Daily health check form_SPANISH
Daily health check form_TAGALOG
Daily health check form_VIETNAMESE

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