Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity resources were created to unite educators, LGBTQ+ advocates, and students by providing resources that embrace diversity and cultivate inclusive environments.  SOGI 123 resources and lessons are important as they allows students who are members of the 2SLGBTQIA+(2 spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, plus) community to see themselves represented in their curriculum and their school community.  

SOGI 123 is not a curriculum! It’s a larger framework that includes lessons, but also encompasses policies and practices to ensure that schools are safe and inclusive for all. In SOGI-inclusive communities, a students’ gender and sexual identity do not limit their interests and opportunities.

We want to make sure that how they understand and express those facets of their identity are welcomed without discrimination. Why? Because we want to create spaces that value diversity, respect differences and allow all students to be their full authentic selves. We want this for every family walking into our schools too. And for our staff who should have that same level of support.

The lessons students receive in school are scaled to age and grade … with simple opportunities in kindergarten to talk about things like the fact that colour has no gender, up to more detailed conversations about gender fluidity and expression when students are in their later years of learning. And sometimes “the lessons” are a little less direct, by simply including resources that have 2SLGBTQIA+characters (e.g. a story where there happens to be two moms).

We encourage you to learn alongside your child so that we can help make our community a more accepting and caring space for all.

At-home resources/books

Elementary and Middle resources

Other resources

We’ve also included some more novels and stories to better educate yourself and your family about the history, culture, and issues that relate to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. You can access these books through your local community or school library.

Elementary and Middle resources

  Title Author Age range
Introducing TeddyJess Walton3-6 years old
Who’s in a Family?Robert Skutch3-7 years old
The Great Big Book Of FamiliesMary Hoffman6-9 years old
Pride – Celebrating Diversity and CommunityRobin Stevenson10 years old+
The Book of PrideMason Funk10 years old+

Secondary and Mature resources

  Title Author Age range
The Pride GuideJo Langford14-17 years old
Growing Up TransDr. Lindsay Herriot & Kate Fry14 years old+
Life Isn’t BinaryMeg-John Barker & Alex IantaffiMature
This is How it Always isLaurie FrankelMature
We are Not Like ThemChristina Pride and Jo PiazzaMature
You Should See Me in a CrownLeah JohnsonMature
This Book is GayJuno DawsonMature

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