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Discover New Westminster Schools

One thing was clear following this week’s Discover New Westminster Schools event: it was a resounding success.

On January 10th, we were pleased to welcome over 1000 visitors to New Westminster Secondary, ranging from current and prospective parents and students to trustees and interested members of the community!

The night was packed full of different activities and opportunities for diving deeper into the detailed and varied work happening across the district. Superintendent Karim Hachlaf, NWSS Principal Murray MacLeod and Director of Instruction Maureen McRae-Stanger started the evening by addressed individuals and families gathered in the gymnasium, speaking to the wealth of opportunity, supports and learning options available to students.

Afterwards, students entering grades 9 to 12 in September, and their parents, headed off to participate in guided course planning sessions. The counsellors leading the sessions discussed expectations and opportunities that were available … with students bubbling in excitement as they considered options awaiting them next year.

The remainder of the crowd journeyed to the Grand Commons where over 25 booths were set up by our educators and community members to highlight different educational opportunities across New Westminster Schools. Educators and other staff created engaging booths to draw people into in-depth conversations about their area of specialization. From the StrongStart educators who who had future learners engaging in play on the floor, to the science and tech booths where teachers and students sparked excitement in others as they demonstrated lessons and showcased past work; from the community health partners working out of the Wellness Centre, to the teachers and principals engaging families in deep discussion about the wide range of programs and curriculum being engaged in across the district; there was a buzz of excitement as people moved around the Grand Commons.

Musical performances and hands-on opportunities to try instruments filled the space with with energy. There were raffles, spinning wheels of prizes, props and samples of student creations.  But, at the heart of it all, was a room full of deeply passionate staff committed to helping families and kids learn and grow.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out to Discover New Westminster Schools! It was exciting to share our passion with you all.

If you missed the event, we collected a some photos to help you get a better sense of the excitement. And, we hope to see you next year!