Diversity and Inclusion Resources - Anti-Racism and Diversity Resources

As a district we’ve made significant commitments to building diversity and engaging in anti-racism work. That’s happening at the level of our Board of Education through the commitment they made in the Spring of 2020, continuing to what’s happening inside our classrooms.

One of the questions we’re hearing in relation to this work is: what does it mean to be anti-racist?

Our district’s new Principal for Equity and Inclusion, Ravinder Johal, framed it this way, “We all know we don’t want to be racist. But as we look at the barriers to equity and inclusion that people, including our students, are still facing, we also know we need to do more. We need to listen, to seek those barriers out and work to dismantle them or stand against them. It’s about actively fighting the racism that harms those around us … and that can be a very personal journey, an uncomfortable one as we dig into the systemic roots of racism and privilege, and it can also be a very collaborative experience as we work together to raise the profile of the realities we’re trying to change.”

We are currently in the process of doing some significant work around anti-racism … under the leadership of our anti-racism committee and in partnership with consultants who will help us review where we are, build policy going forward, and drive educational opportunities that will support staff, students and families in doing more.

How can you start to be more aware of the issues and barriers the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) community face? Start by listening and learning. Below are some resources to help you do that.

(Please note, we’re working on building this resource out for parents and the community, and we will continue to expand this to be more inclusive as we do so!)

Systemic Racism

Here are some resources that may help parents and older students, as they look for greater understanding of what the big-picture issues are:

Understanding BIPOC experiences and history

Organizations you may want to follow

There are more organizations than we can track who are doing good work in this space. But here are a few you might want to look into as you continue on your learning and growth journey:


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