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September 20, 2017

New Westminster School trustees enjoy a night-time taste of outdoor learning…

School trustees got a taste of outdoor learning during their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 12, thanks to a surprise nighttime tour of the École Lord Tweedsmuir school garden.   more

September 13, 2017

Food review survey now underway at New Westminster Schools

Nearly  50 students are lining up for a breakfast smoothie at Fraser River Middle School, where youth worker Tara Worth has just whipped up a mix of pineapple and almond milk.. more

September 6, 2017

Qayqayt elementary school takes a green building Gold!

École Qayqayt Elementary School is the first building in the district to be recognized with a LEED Gold certification for its leadership in energy and environmental design.... more

September 5, 2017

Students start their learning journeys at New Westminster Schools…

For 5-year-old École Lord Tweedsmuir kindergarten student Andy, the school journey on Tuesday couldn't start soon enough.... more

September 1, 2017

Enjoy Summer! Return to School Sept. 5

New Westminster Schools looks forward to welcoming students back to school on Tuesday, September 5 after a great summer break. We invite you to find out about school opening procedures.... more

June 27, 2017

Have your say! We’re Renewing our Mission, Vision and Values at New Westminster Schools

Take our Survey! The Board of Education is renewing our Mission, Vision and Values to reflect our schools and communities as of 2017. We are sharing... more

Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

Good Things are Happening: 2021-22 in review

An amazing list of projects, achievements and learning opportunities from the 2021-22 school year that's set the foundation we move forward from. more

The beat and birth of a drum

All three of our middle schools collaborated around a power lesson, with additional opportunities for Indigenous students to get hands-on cultural teachings and experiences. more

Understanding and opportunities: the diversity and inclusion review

Key findings and recommendations from our justice, equity, diversity and inclusion consultants. more