As part of our effort to share our spaces with the community (when they’re not being used by students), the Theatre at New Westminster Secondary School is now available for rent. On this page, you can find all the specs, requirements, fee listings and guidelines on how to book this beautiful and creative space.

Layout & Seating Capabilities

The NWSS Theatre features a performance stage that’s the same size as the Massey Theatre stage, with 260 fixed seats, 3 designated wheelchair spaces, and 12 moveable seats that can be switched out to accomodate 6 more wheelchair spaces. Below are images and seating maps to provide perspective on the capacity of the space.

Spaces included within the rental of the theatre are: the theatre, ticket booth, designated washrooms, black box (room 1216), and dressing room.
*The rental does NOT include access to the dance studio or Grand Commons, unless additional arrangements have been made to include those spaces. 


Rental rates and requirements

The theatre, like all our spaces, is generally available on weekdays between 5 pm and 10 pm, or on weekends, with only occasional exceptions to that. In order to ensure safe use of the space, and continued care of the equipment within it, we require that anyone renting the theatre must show proof of hiring a Technical Director from our approved list, at their own expense. This person will be responsible for overseeing all equipment use of the space, for the entirety of the booking.  For a list of approved Technical Directors, please reach out to the Facility Rentals team.

As you calculate how much time you need, please remember that your booking must include any and all time you may require for initial access and set-up, clean up and a full exit of the space. All rates are subject to GST (an additional 5%), and will be reviewed annually.

Community-use rate Non-profit rate
Theatre* (minimum 4 hour rental) $250 / hour $125 / hour

*Additional requirements for rental of the theatre includes: the need to hire an approved Technical Director, a $5000 damage deposit, and additional insurance coverage or $5 million secured by the renter.

Custodial Charges for use of the Theatre:

Weekdays, weekends or breaks (spring, summer, winter breaks) $33 per hour (min 4 hours)
Stat holiday $66 per hour (min 4 hours)

Steps to book


Codes of Conduct

In addition to the terms outlined in the Rental License Agreement, there are some basic rules and codes of conduct that must be followed when renting our District’s facilities, specific to each type of space. Failure to comply with the Codes of Conduct may result in damage that will be charged to the renter, additional fees that may be charged at the discretion of the district, or potential termination of contract. The Codes of Conduct for the theatre can be found here: Codes of Conduct for the Theatre at NWSS