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Feeding a community: Candy for a Cause

When we give, we often receive something in return. When we give with a purpose or a cause in mind, the power of that gift is only amplified.

Candy for a Cause

Candy for a Cause was spearheaded by École Glenbrook Middle teacher Marsha Larkin, who saw an opportunity to turn the popular candy gram for Valentine’s Day idea into a project that could spread a little extra love: this year, all the proceeds from the school’s candy gram sales will go straight to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

The students have jumped in with excitement … with some divisions reportedly “going all out” to support the cause (while also getting to show their appreciation and honour their friends with some sweet gifts at the same time). And with the support of a small, dedicated team of teachers (all working within COVID protocols), Ms. Larkin and team have bagged and delivered little bundles of joy, that are giving back to the community, as well as to the students.

With around 800 candy grams sold this year, that means they’ll be donating over $1000 in profits … a big bump from the estimated 250 sold last year. The power of adding in purpose. And that total is getting topped up too, with an additional donation being made to food bank from a community member who was inspired by the teachers’ efforts.

Food Banks feed New West families

This story felt especially powerful to share right now because, through a partnership with The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, our District’s staff just spent December and January disbursing $16,000 worth of gift cards to families facing food security issues here in New Westminster.

This amazing collaboration allowed our administrative teams to reach out through their communities and distribute grocery store gift cards of $100 each … getting to support kids and families with urgent needs, in ways that stretch beyond the bounds of our school walls.

The cycle of giving and receiving

This is one of those cases where the lines between giving and receiving blend … as there are so many who have and who will benefit. But what we can very clearly say is: we’re so proud to see how our staff and students are coming together to make a difference for their friends, their neighbours and our whole community.