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Fraser Health on immunizations for 12-17 year olds

The below excerpt is a a direct copy and paste from the Fraser Health update on immunizations for 12-17 year olds, place here to make it easier to read or use the Google Translate function. The PDF is attached at the bottom of the page. 

Fraser Health COVID-19 School Update – Immunization for 12-17 year olds

Last Thursday, the province opened vaccine registration to youth aged 12 to 17. As of Tuesday, May 25, forty-five per cent of all youth in our region aged 12 to 17 have completed registration with six per cent of them having already received their first dose. Anyone 12+ who hasn’t registered yet should do so right away by visiting

We are grateful for your support in helping to get the word out about registration to youth in your schools. Working with community partners such as yourselves to remove barriers for people to register for and get their COVID-19 vaccine has been pivotal in helping us work towards community immunity. Together, we are helping to put the pandemic behind us.

Please see resources below to help answer questions you may be receiving from your school communities as well as materials to help further promote vaccine registration to youth in your schools, including links to clinic locations and transportation services for those in need.

Fraser Health guides and resources
Registration and vaccination – what you need to know:
Getting vaccinated – three easy steps: Register. Book. Get the shot.
Vaccine registration – who should register, why register, how do I register?
Preparing for your COVID-19 vaccine appointment
During your COVID-19 appointment
What to expect after your COVID-19 immunization

Translations available at

Live Town Hall: COVID-19 Immunizations for Youth 12+
Join us live in a town hall meeting on June 3 for parents, caregivers and youth as panel experts, Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin, Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. Sinha, Pediatrician, and Alison Everett, Child Life Specialist, walk us through COVID-19 immunization for youth. Event details can be found at

Fight the FOMO vaccine campaign for youth
To help encourage immunization among young adults, we have launched a new social-media video campaign, called Fight the FOMO. Register, Book, Get the Shot. We have published two videos so far, one features family-related activities and one features entertainment-related activities that young people can look forward too once we have achieved community immunity. More videos will be added in the coming days. You can view and share these from our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Frequently asked questions

BCCDC has summarized key information, questions, and answers in a PDF for easy sharing: BCCDC – COVID-19 Vaccination Information – Children Aged 12-17

Clinic locations, transportation and communications tools

You can also visit for more information including clinic locations, transportation options, as well as a communications toolkit, where you will find shareable social media posts and other tools to help promote vaccine registration, including a vaccine registration poster, flyer and postcard.


Fraser Health PDF of above content: Schools update – 12-17 year old immunization_May 27_2021