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FRMS student creates a winning Orange Shirt

Thanks to the leadership of Fraser River Middle School’s Reconciliation Committee, we’re very excited to offer parents and staff an opportunity to order an Orange Shirt – to honour both Orange Shirt Day and the newly appointed fuller week in September – by purchasing a shirt created by an FRMS student!

*Orange tone of the produced shirt may be brighter than shown here.

The shirt was created as part the FRMS Reconciliation Committee’s work to honour National Indigenous Peoples Day (as we look ahead to Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation).

How did the project link these important days? In collaboration with a Cree artist named Cori Denofreo, who is also a former New Westminster student, FRMS students worked to create logos that had thematic ties to the art and teachings of the Qayqayt First Nation and other local Coast Salish Peoples … part of school’s learning activities that were designed to support the journey towards reconciliation.

Cori was blown away by the work done by all students, but selected Nicola Garcia’s thoughtfully created entry as the winning design … a design that will now be placed on this year’s New Westminster Schools’ Orange Shirt.

Congrats to Nicola!

Nicola told us that the overall design was inspired by two raven stories: one about how the raven brought the sun into the world, and other about bringing salmon. She noted that the fish imagery was particularly important to her effort to represent Coast Salish Peoples and culture, and “…the sun because the sun is the life line, the point of all living things. Without the sun you would not be alive … it is the life giver of the earth.”

We also need to share our great thanks to a partnership between FRMS and a local company, Textile Innovations, for making this possible (whose organizational lead, Darren Wood, has passionately supported this project that’s been in the works for months for both professional reasons as being “the right thing to do” and for many personal ones as well).

The partnership is allowing us to offer these shirts for only $10 each! And, a portion of the sale of each shirt will also go to support Indigenous programming and learning opportunities across the District.

There are limited quantities available, particularly in smaller sizes. As such, we’re only able to accept orders for students and staff this year. Orders must be received before September 4th!

To get your 2021 Orange Shirt, check your email for the link!

  • The FRMS Reconciliation Committee and the New Westminster Schools team