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FuelUp Lunch Program launches Sept 20

As class assignments have settled and we’re back into the swing of another great year of learning, our partners at Simply Foods are getting ready to start creating meals and delivering on our FuelUp school lunch program.

For those who are new, our FuelUp Lunch Program supports kids and families in all our elementary and middle schools, as well as for our POWER and RCAP programs. It has a few very important goals and features:

  • It’s our goal to ensure no child is hungry and that every child has the opportunity to eat healthy,
  • Parents have the option to order nutritious and delicious lunches on a daily, weekly, monthly or occasional basis … making lunches easier for busy families,
  • A rotating menu of hot and cold lunch options ensures that most dietary needs are covered, with a wide range of regular staples, and some new and culturally diverse options that get kids excited and keep them satisfied,
  • It’s a program that gives back, as 25-50 cents of each meal ordered helps support a child who otherwise might not have a lunch to eat,
  • We offer both full and partial subsidy options for families who might need help,
    (Funding for subsidies is provided with thanks to how the program is set up, and from district targeted funds, donations and community grants)
  • This innovative program means no one knows who is accessing subsidy options or just ordering meals, and all kids enjoy their lunch together without the stigma that other meal programs can sometimes have.

The FuelUp Lunch program will start delivering food to schools and classrooms on Tuesday September 20th, 2022. Ordering is open now! See the September menu and find out how you can start to order here:

And remember: if you’re logging into an existing account, make sure to update your profile with new schools, divisions and teacher names to ensure your child’s lunch is delivered to the right place!

As mentioned, we provide both full and partial subsidy options for families. So whether you or your family need ongoing supports we have available, or maybe you need a little help to get through a transition or shorter period, you can find out how to easily apply* for your confidential subsidy here:

  • To families approved last year: subsidy approvals from last year have been carried through to this current school year. You do NOT need to reapply if you qualified last year. If your family circumstance has changed, and you need to adjust for more or less coverage, please email
  • To parents with students at NWSS, subsidized meal options are available through the cafeteria. Please contact the Principal or Vice-Principal assigned to the grade of your student(s) to find out more.

Food is what helps prepare each of us for days of learning, growing and working. And it can also connect us as a community. We’re proud to deliver this innovative program that helps make sure we’re all set up for the greatest success possible.

We look forward to eating with you!