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Happy Holidays New Westminster

Dear Students, Parents, Caregivers, Staff, and the New Westminster community,

As we head into the Winter Break and bring this calendar year to a close, we do so feeling grateful for all the work and learning that’s happening.

This school year has allowed us to return to some of the more typical ways we teach and learn, and the joy of that additional connection is evident when we travel through schools.

We’ve seen a return to theatre and musical performances that are inspiring students to learn and push their creative boundaries. With field trips possible again we’ve watched our youngest learners light up as they explore places like Science World or our local parks, and apprenticeship students have been inspired as they get hands-on opportunities to explore future careers in trades. Across the district, school sports teams have been playing hard and achieving exciting wins.

There is so much to celebrate when it comes to what students are learning and doing, and so much to be thankful for when we consider the dedicated work of the staff who have supported and made all of this possible. We know the rest of this school year will hold so much more.

First though, a short break.

So, whether the holiday is about time spent with family, or honouring spiritual or religious reflections, or perhaps marks a window of time that allows for some relaxation, we send our very best to you all.

With warm wishes,
Gurveen Dhaliwal, Chair of the Board of Education
and Karim Hachlaf, Superintendent of Schools