COVID-19 Info Centre

How you can help keep New Westminster schools safer

The work to keep our schools safer involves everyone working hard, together.

Here are some of the new protocols you can remind your kids about to help do that:

  • Keep to your cohort – only interact with people within your learning group, and maintain physical distance from anyone outside that group.
  • Physical distance & minimize contact – physical distancing (1-2 meters within schools) is encouraged within learning groups and required between those outside their learning groups. Do not share personal items, even with friends.
  • Hand hygiene – new sinks and handwashing stations mean we have 400 places to wash your hands, including in every portable. Wash your hands often, with soap and water.
  • Respiratory hygiene – cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve. Don’t touch your face and don’t share food or water.
  • Follow mask rules – Adults, middle and secondary students must all where masks when entering buildings, in busy or shared spaces, and when interacting outside of their learning group. Mask use by others or in other scenarios is a personal choice that will be supported.
  • Stay home when sick – Daily Health Checks are required before attending school, each day, for each person entering a school building. At any time, if you or your child develop any symptoms of COVID-19, please seek testing and then self-isolate. And stay home when you’re sick.

And, as Dr. Bonnie Henry has reminded us all: kindness can also go a long way. We’re each dealing with our individual and complicating life factors, but every single one of us has been and continues to be affected by this outbreak.

What we’re seeing is a lot of people, working hard, to do their best right now. It’s not always perfect, but it shows the deep levels of commitment and caring people have for others. Thank you for being aware of that and part of it.