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In 2020 – You can make a difference starting now!

Meet our Board of Education Chair Anita Ansari and Vice-Chair Gurveen Dhaliwal with their invitation to you…Join our live survey now.

Help target our resources for student learning today

This is the time to have your say! Join the conversation….

You can participate in our live survey at this link now...

January 13 – At New Westminster Schools, we are proud to be launching our first-ever strategic plan for the next five years of inspired learning – a roadmap fully grounded in the collective wisdom of you: our students, staff, parents and community. (Learn more here).

And now we’re looking for your ideas for how we can allocate our budget for student learning on year one of our five-year learning journey.

In “Our Learning Journey” you will discover four key directions in our commitment to:

  • Transform student learning
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Ensure full participation in learning, and
  • Lead into the future

Share your thoughts…

As we look to allocate our resources for the coming 2020-2021 year, we want to build momentum on what we’ve done so far, take guidance from your feedback, and make a difference for student learning.

Last year, you shared more than 1,560 thoughts on everything from student homework and the role of field trips in learning, to improved technology and more fine arts support. (See related article here).

Let us know what you see as priorities for the coming year!

Our question for you:

Guided by the four directions of our strategic plan, 
how can we best target resources (in 2020-2021) to ensure
the success of all students at New Westminster Schools?

Starting January 13, join our online forum, called Thoughexchange, and voice your ideas, see the ideas of others, and highlight what matters most to you.


Our Thoughtexchange Survey Link is NOW LIVE – Monday, January 13 – and will run until Friday, January 24. Have your say!


By sharing your thoughts and ideas through Thoughtexchange, you will shape how we identify priorities in the coming years.   From robotics to fine arts, and from more resources in the classroom to improved strategies for student social and emotional well-being – your ideas matter.

Join the conversation!