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International travel: requirements upon return

(This post has been updated since it was first shared, to strip out mention of restrictions that have since changed. Please use the link below to determine the appropriate requirements that may pertain to you and your family, as determined by the Government of Canada.) 

As we come back from Spring Break with shifts to the protocols that are in place within our schools, the District has also received some inquiries requesting information about expectations for families or staff who may have travelled outside of Canada over Spring Break.

First and foremost: travellers entering Canada are required to follow the directions given to them at the time they cross the border. It is up to any adult to ensure that they and their dependants are following the directions and restrictions that may apply to them. 

The District and our schools are not in a position to advise travellers or monitor individuals, as such, please review the information listed on the Government of Canada website*:
*Note: international travel requirements are currently being modified in various stages, whatever is listed at this link reflects the most recent update and should stand as the guidance to follow.

For further information, please read the guidance available at the above Government of Canada website.

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