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Keeping Kids Safe with the White Hatters

Last week the White Hatters, an online safety group dedicated to keeping kids safe, spoke to grade 6 to grade 8 students at all three of our district’s middle schools. The goal was: to help kids use the internet smartly and help them unlock their full potential online. And, from the accounts, it was a great success with many takeaways for students.

But, the activities did not stop there! On Thursday evening, the learning continued as parents from all three middle schools got an opportunity to engage in a wider, family-oriented White Hatters presentation at Fraser River Middle School.

Parents got to delve into their concerns about how the internet may impact their kids and gain valuable insight into how to use technology to benefit students. The content ranged from internet slang and the advantages of technology to safety strategies and tips on how to communicate about internet usage with your kids.

If you missed this presentation and are interested in learning more about internet safety, don’t worry! Click here (  (password 10773) to watch a recording of the White Hatter’s talk for the next two days.