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Learning with pride

June 10, 2021 – Inspired by a piece of student artwork, with product applications brainstormed by one of the district’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs, we have sent to print the new “Learning with pride” design you see here!

Perhaps one of the more interesting things about this logo and wordmark is the backstory of how it came to be.

Kai Smith, the District SOGI Lead, saw the artistic talent in Kayden Russell Black, a student they work alongside at the Royal City Alternate Program (RCAP). So Kai invited Kayden to create a pride logo (seen below) that would excite and inspire students and staff to continue to create and support inclusive learning environments … and excite and inspire it did! From the SOGI Leads to trustees, from students to district staff, all were sparked by the possibility.

So Kayden and a few other students were invited to participate in a design kick-off meeting. This was followed by a brainstorming session at Fraser River Middle School’s GSA meeting, to get their thoughts on where they would want to see a logo used … sharing their hopes of seeing everything from printed notebooks to skateboard stickers as options.

And so we made it!

The newly printed stickers should be hitting schools in late June, with more applications to come next year … all with great thanks to all the students who added their creative thoughts to this process.