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Live Survey Now Underway to Dec. 13: Join the Conversation!

Inclusive Practices Survey: Share your thoughts

Dec. 8, 2019:  We’re asking – and you’re answering.

This week, thanks to our online interactive forum, you’ve rated more than 830 thoughts from nearly 170 participants – giving us insights and actions we can take to meaningfully improve inclusive practices for all students at New Westminster Schools. The conversation continues until December 13!

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Your top thoughts…

You’ve told us how important it is to increase direct service to all students – by ensuring we hire ‘enough teachers, specialist teachers, specialist professionals, and education assistants to support the needs of children.’


“Inclusion works when the supports are there; if my child’s teacher is stretched too thin she will not be able to meet the learning needs of my child.”



You also wanted to see smaller caseloads for our Learning Support Teachers. That means our LSTs, who provide extra support for students by working with them in groups or one-to-one, could increase direct service to students..

These were the two most highly rated thought amongst all participants – our parents, staff, students and community members –  as of last week.

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Indigenous students ‘positively reflected’…

Last week’s 7th top-rated thought was an exciting recognition and encouragement of strides made in support of First Nations students.

First Nations students see themselves positively reflected in the curriculum. Affirming and inclusive language, learnings and attitudes are a vital art of reconciliation, and in making our indigenous children feel seen & heard.

– Parent/Guardian or Community Member


Meet student needs fairly…

The third top-ranked thoughts amongst all participants was a concern that all student needs will be met fairly – and not just those whose parents speak up most actively.

Our survey as of last week showed that among the top 20 thoughts, you called for:

  • improved early literacy intervention for primary students who are not at grade level,
  • decreased class sizes so that teachers can manage diverse classrooms better,
  • increased Education Assistant staffing,
  • ongoing in-service and professional development for all staff to build capacity to meet the needs of all learners.

The conversation continues….

We invite you to join the conversation – and for those who contributed their thoughts to continue to participate.

Together, we can help chart meaningful ways to improve Inclusive Practices for all student learning at New Westminster Schools.

Our interactive online forum is open now until Dec. 13, 2019.  You can participate in Thoughtexchange here  – and share your ideas, see the ideas of others, and highlight what matters most to you. Your voice counts!

Thank you for helping make NewWestSchools a place where students love to learn!