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More than you need: where to find additional resources and links

Parents, we know you have a lot on your plates right now. And we’re working hard to try and provide you with a helpful, balanced amount of information and resources. Because we know sometimes more information isn’t better.

Where there are specific topics to delve into more deeply (like around dealing with stress and anxiety, or updates on child care), we’ve created posts here in our COVID-19 Information Centre to help:

That said, sometimes we know you’re looking for more information and can’t remember where you saw it. We’ll update this post regularly with links, downloads and tip sheets so you have one place to look for the most relevant resources and tools you might need. 

Please find a list of additional resources below, ordered by topic…

General education questions and learning tools

This FAQ, listed at the top of this page, has been compiled by the government to help parents understand more about the overall process, the decisions made and the guidelines each district is working under:

The Ministry of Education has launched a brand new website from Open School BC, Keep Learning:


Talking about COVID-19, mental health and wellness

Our blog post (including links that will help you find resources is non-English languages): Stress and anxiety: navigating a pandemic

Looking for a tool to help talk to your kids about what’s happening? CBC Kids News and the BC Provincial Health Officer made this video:

A collection of links and additional resources from Useful-Resources-During-COVID-19

The Canadian Mental Health Association has this great guide to managing anxiety:


Technology support and guides

General tips and best practice

  1. Digital citizenship:
  2. Digital citizenship, a video guide for parents and students: A video guide for parents and students to digital citizenship and expectations of participation
  3. Our blog post on successful tips for online learners:
  4. What students need to know: Student Guidelines for Remote Learning Participation
  5. Best practice in an online world: Digital citizenship for parents
  6. Disinfect early, disinfect often: How to Properly Disinfect Your Device
  7. Extra tips for online learning: Student communication for online learners (tip sheet)


Teams support

  1. Teams 101: Parent Guide for MS Teams
  2. What to know about video: Video Conferencing in Teams – for parents


Google Classroom

  1. Google Classrooms 101: Google Classroom for Students
  2. The basics: Parent’s Guide to G-Suite Tools and Google Classroom – Google Docs (updated April 1)
  3. Connecting via Google: Google Meet for students and parents