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March 10, 2017

May Day 2017 showcases student leaders…

The school district’s May Day 2017 is officially underway with the naming of students for this year’s Royal Suite – and plans for a student-friendly celebration of community spirit… more

March 10, 2017

Rolling out the Message: Queensborough Student Wins Environmental Poster Award

Queensborough Student Faith Villareal has no shortage of ideas for conserving water. And now her message is set to roll out across the city. more

February 27, 2017

New Westminster Schools – Decoding the Mystery!

At Queensborough Middle School, many students know computer science teacher Colleen Carrington by her code name. As "Pedalgirl" she's right in there with her students, writing lines of computer code that create whole worlds on a computer... more

February 26, 2017

Site Stories: an NWSS Love Letter

Ruhma Babar and Simran Grewal may be among the last group of students to pass through the well-trodden halls of New Westminster Secondary School before it is replaced by a new school in 2019. But that doesn't mean they can't leave a legacy. more

February 22, 2017

Hyacks teammates share anti-bullying message

Four Hyacks football players from New Westminster Secondary School shared a message about getting help, speaking up and working together to stop bullying. more

February 15, 2017

Have Your Say: Budget 2017-18

Take our survey: The Board of Education invites all community members to share their views on what they would like to see as the school district’s educational priorities for the coming year. more

Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

Good Things are Happening: 2021-22 in review

An amazing list of projects, achievements and learning opportunities from the 2021-22 school year that's set the foundation we move forward from. more

The beat and birth of a drum

All three of our middle schools collaborated around a power lesson, with additional opportunities for Indigenous students to get hands-on cultural teachings and experiences. more

Understanding and opportunities: the diversity and inclusion review

Key findings and recommendations from our justice, equity, diversity and inclusion consultants. more