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NWSS hosts first on-site blood donor clinic

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Teacher Kelly Proznick takes a break from giving blood, sweat and tears to the Performing Arts Department – to give a little blood to the Canadian Blood Services instead.  This week saw the first blood donor clinic hosted at NWSS – and the third  blood drive supported by the NWSS Student Leadership Council.

May 26, 2017 –  For Grade 11 student Alejandra Rodas, it’s been a  chance to give to the community. For grade 9 student Audrey Chow, it’s an opportunity to help to save lives. 

And for New Westminster Secondary School Principal John Tyler, it was time to bite the bullet.

Tyler gave blood for the first time Thursday – inspired by the determination of the students who organized the drive, and the fact that a blood donor clinic was situated right at the school for the first time ever.

“I’m not a needle person,” Tyler laughed, while munching on the cookies provided to help donors recover after giving a pint of blood.

“But I wouldn’t rule out doing it again. It’s a good cause!”

john tyler 640Thanks to Rodas, Chow and the rest of the NWSS Leadership Club, nearly 100 students, teachers, students and community members were signed up Thursday to to find a comfy cot, eat a snack  – and  donate blood, right on the school premises.

The Leadership Council at New Westminster Secondary School  held its third – and fully booked – blood donor clinic of the school year this week.  The 15 students of the council were so successful rounding up volunteers to participate in their first blood drive in November that they held another one in January.

When they managed to inspire yet another fully booked clinic, thank you 640the Canadian Blood Services decided it would be a good opportunity to set up a clinic at NWSS.

“We have great support,from teachers, students and the community,” said Canadian Blood Services event co-ordinator Anika McDonald. “The clinic was 100 per cent booked even before we came.”

On Thursday, the Canadian Blood Services mobile clinic at NWSS was aiming to collect 76 units of blood. Each week, 17,000 units of blood must be collected to meet the needs of hospital patients.  As highlighted by the Canadian Blood Services, half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives. Yet only four percent of Canadians donate.

The work of the Student Leadership team is a life-saving step in helping address the need for 2,000 brand new blood donors in Canada every week.

Canadian Blood Services collects blood, plasma, and platelets at 36 permanent collection sites and more than 14,000 donor clinics every year.

“Students in the leadership club are passionate about service to the school and the community,” said student leadership teacher Christine McNulty. “They get satisfaction doing something good for somebody.”

Given the success of the blood drives this past school year, the tradition will continue next year, she said.

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Dedicated members of the NWSS Student Leadership Council promote activities like support for the Blood Donor Clinic –  and in the process, enhance school spirit.