NWSS Replacement Project - Construction Notices

New Westminster Secondary School Replacement Project

Construction Notices

We are now in the construction phase of our New Westminster Secondary School Replacement Project – a $106.5 million, state-of-the-art new home for one of British Columbia’s largest high schools!

Scheduled to open in September 2020, our future New Westminster Secondary School will accommodate 1,900 grade 9 to 12 students in a 21st century learning environment.that meets today’s standards for modern learning, safety and accessibility, while incorporating the latest sustainable energy management systems.

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Construction Updates

New Westminster Schools and the Ministry of Education selected Graham Design-Builders with KMBR Architects Planners Inc. to design and build the new school. Please note the construction notices below are based on three-week “look ahead” schedules from Graham Design-Builders describing the impact of construction activities on the local community. These are short-term forecasted schedules and are subject to change.

  • July 20, 2018:  Site service work will impact lane access between Moody Park Arena and Massey Theatre from July 23 through August

Excavation and installation of new underground sewer, water and sanitary lines is proceeding in a westerly direction along the school construction site and as of July 23, will begin in a southerly direction between the Moody Park Arena and Massey Theatre toward Eight Avenue. This will  lead to reduced access through the laneway between the Moody Park Arena and the Massey Theatre starting Monday and continuing through August. Traffic management plans will accommodate ongoing access. In order to avoid unexpected delay, the public is encouraged to access parking and to conduct drop-off and pick-up activity using laneway access from 10th Avenue.

Bulk excavation continues through August as organic materials are removed from the 10,000 square-metre site in preparation for the ‘detail excavation’ phase, which will confirm the accurate ground-point for the foundation of the school.  Auger drilling is proceeding. Minimal noise is associated with this activity. A drilling rig using hydraulic equipment will spiral 220 augers into the ground to varying depths, a process that will underpin the foundation of the new school. This work will also continue through August.


  • June 30, 2018:  Site establishment work continues through the month of July

  • June 15, 2018:  Civil works ahead of schedule

Underground civil works on Sixth Street have progressed well and are ahead of schedule. As a result, Sixth Street will be fully open to traffic, with an end to partial road closures in the coming week.

A drilling rig is now situated on site in preparation for the installation of a series of 220 auger-piles that will be spiraled into the ground to varying depths, a process that will underpin the foundation of the new school. This work involves the use of hydraulic equipment. The activity is scheduled to begin June 21 and will run for several weeks. Expect minor noise.

Also scheduled to begin June 21 is the tentative removal of half a dozen trees in accordance with the City of New Westminster’s tree protection protocols.

  • June 8, 2018:  Civil works continue on Sixth Street

The New Westminster Schools Replacement Project team thanks residents and visitors for their patience as Graham Construction continues with civil works starting at Sixth Street and requiring trucks to turn left only upon leaving the site. The process of installing a new line of underground services for storm water, sanitary and water main lines will continue to require occasional single lane traffic over the next two to three weeks. Residents can also expect partial closures of the west sidewalk at Sixth Street. The work procedure involves excavating trenches, installing new pipes and restoring the sidewalk, backfill, and asphalt.

Mechanical demolition of the skateboard park is scheduled to begin June 14 and is expected to last seven working days. The demolition will entail moderate noise associated with the use of a concrete saw. Ongoing activities continuing over the 18,000-square-metre construction site  include removal of organic materials and detail excavation to level the site in preparation for the new school. Preparation for the installation of steel anchor posts is expected to begin June 18; the posts will ensure the new school meets seismic regulations.

An official groundbreaking ceremony was held on site May 25 that included the Minister of Education Rob Fleming, as well as grade 9 student representatives  who will be among the first  to  graduate from the new high school after it is completed in September 2020.

The related New Westminster Record story is here: https://bit.ly/2KWGKzs.

  • May 25, 2018: Notification of Underground Service Relocation 

As part of the New Westminster Secondary School Replacement Project, the contractor Graham Design Builders LP will be installing a new line of underground services (new storm water, sanitary, and water main lines) starting Monday, May 28th, 2018.  The installation will start at the 6th Street entrance to the construction site and cross the construction site area to connect to the existing lines in the Massey Theatre driveway.

Work Hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Estimated duration of works is expected to take 10 weeks as follows:

  • 4 weeks will entail work activity in 6th street
  • 6 weeks will take place inside the construction site area with no road or sidewalk closure.

The work procedure will involve:

  •  excavation of trenches
  •  installation of new pipes and manholes
  •  backfill, asphalt and sidewalk restorations

Residents can expect:

  • periodic closure of west sidewalk at 6th Street
  • partial closure of one traffic lane on 6th Street
  • reduction of parking spaces on 6 th street in the adjacent work area
  • presence of a traffic control person during working hours
  • 24/hr signage in place
  • trucks and excavation equipment stationed on the site

  • May 10, 2018: Demolition of Mercer Stadium Skatepark 

During any deconstruction, it is common practice to identify the conditions of the materials for disposal. The contractor at the replacement project site embarked on testing of the surface materials as well as the concrete itself prior to demolition of the Mercer Stadium skatepark.  Preliminary testing four to five days ago confirmed there is no asbestos in the concrete but indicated trace amounts of lead associated with some of the sub-surface layers of graffiti paint on the site, prompting further tests. As a result of the findings, the contractor is following safety and government procedures  in proceeding with the demolition of the site, as prescribed by WorkSafe BC and government environmental and hazardous waste regulations. The mechanical demolition is now scheduled to begin May 16 and continue through to May 29, 2018. In other activity, foundation work will begin with the removal of organic materials from the site starting May 14, and continuing over a period of several weeks.

  • April 30, 2018: Minor traffic control measures now in place

As a result of revised priorities, the date for the mechanical demolition of the Mercer Park skateboard park has been moved to May 7.  In moving forward with site excavation, traffic management plans are now in place. Local drivers are seeing  construction notices and flagging on Sixth Street controlling exits around the site as trucks turning right only leave the site. Expect some minor delays as measures ensure vehicle traffic can safely exit the site.


In addition, signage is in place on Eighth Street and Eighth Avenue clarifying parking arrangements for patrons of Massey Theatre. Patrons with mobility issues are directed to clearly designated stalls behind the Massey Theatre; the general public is directed to appropriate parking stalls in the New Westminster Secondary School parking lot to the North.


  • April 20, 2018:  Skatepark Demolition Starts Next Week

Eight days are scheduled for the mechanical demolition of the Mercer Stadium Skatepark starting April 25 following a weather-related delay last week. Moderate noise will be associated with the use of a concrete saw.  For updates on the City of New Westminster’s plans for a new Destination Skatepark, click here.  Also on April 25, site establishment work involving shallow excavation will begin, weather permitting.

  • April 13, 2018: Weather Impacts 

The weather is always a factor in construction projects – and the week from April 8 to 12 saw a delay in the process of site stripping and shallow excavation due to heavy rains and site saturation.  However, site establishment work is scheduled to continue through the month of April.  At this stage, the delivery and set-up of construction trailers has been completed.  In the coming week – weather permitting – the demolition of the Mercer Stadium skatepark will begin and is expected to continue through to April 20.

  • Mercer Stadium Skatepark Closed as of April 3, 2018

Construction of the new school is now underway. Mercer Stadium Skatepark will be closed for demolition starting Tuesday, April 3, 2018. For updates on the City of New Westminster’s plans for a new Destination Skatepark, click here.

This phase of construction will include site condition preparations, protection of trees on the site perimeter, and removal of the upper layer of top soil (‘site stripping’) prior to work. Trailers for first-aid, storage and office support will be set up between April 9 to 17.

Impacts at this time will include moderate noise associated with mechanical demolition of the skatepark between April 3 and April 13, as well as low noise from excavation activities associated with site preparation work. Minor traffic disruption, mainly in the laneway, can be expected between April 9 to 17 in relation to trailer set-up.

Please note that the Massey Theatre is expected to remain fully operational throughout the construction phase of the New Westminster Secondary School Replacement project.


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