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NWSS Students Round Up Donors for Blood Drive…

Nov. 16, 2016 – New Westminster Secondary School leadership students have been out for blood for the past few weeks – and they will see it collected tomorrow.

The student-led campaign in support of the Canadian Blood Services blood clinic in new Westminster Thursday is a major step to help address the need for 2,000 brand new blood donors in Canada every week.

Their “We Want Your Blood!” school campaign grew from a goal of 20 new donors to nearly 80 donors ready to give tomorrow. They include regular and former donors who are students age 17 and up, parents and NWSS Alumni.

“You would hope if you were in the circumstance where you needed blood that it would be there for you,” said  Shannon Flannery, Grade 10 Leadership Student.

The fact that the  Canadian Blood Services launched the 100K campaign this year to enlist 100,000 new blood donors inspired the students to do their part.  Each week, 17,000 units of blood must be collected to meet the needs of hospital patients.

Student efforts were so successful that all available spots for the November 17 Blood Donor clinic are filled.  The public Blood Drive is taking place Thursday at Glenbrook Park Amenities Centre from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and students are thanking all those honoring their commitment to donate.

One of the results of their success is that the students have decided to book another clinic for January.  Student Leadership teacher Christine McNulty said, “Our goal is to fill again the entire clinic. Canadian Blood Services is in desperate need of donors.

“And sponsoring two back-to-back Blood Donor Clinics is pretty impressive for a Secondary School!” she added.

“If you see where you can help, you just do”  said Grade 12 student Chryssl Cardozo.