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Oath of Office: the new Board of Education

On the evening of November 1st, 2022, the new elected and reelected members of the Board of Education for New Westminster Schools gathered at the School Board Office to be sworn in and take their Oaths of Office.

Joined by senior district leadership, Chief Rhonda Larrabee, Seisl̓om (an Elder with the Líl̓wat Nation), Jacqueline Kilawee (Chief Election Officer), local dignitaries, representatives from school stakeholder organizations, and the friends and families of the elected candidates, the seven new trustees each carefully repeated the oath, as directed and supervised by Judge Garth Smith.

Elected as part of the 2022 Local General Elections within BC, the seven Trustees representing New Westminster Schools (School District No. 40), are now:

  • Marc Andres
  • Dee Beattie
  • Danielle Connelly
  • Gurveen Dhaliwal
  • Maya Russell
  • Elliott Slinn
  • Cheryl Sluis

The new Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Board of Education will be selected at a special open (virtual) meeting of the Board on November 7th, 2022.

We’ve shared a glimpse of the evening here…