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Online Learning Program – for grades 2-8 in the 2021-22 school year

In order to offer families access to flexible learning options, New Westminster Schools is exploring the potential of expanding the programs offered through our Hume Park Learning Centre to include a new Online Learning stream for students in Grades 2-8.

The Online Learning Program (OLP) is a grade 2-8 teacher-led program that engages students in learning at a distance from their teacher. Teachers share weekly learning plans which outline activities for the week. Students access structured learning content through an online learning platform*, when it best suits their schedules (asynchronous). Where and when it is needed, there will also be synchronous (in real time) class meetings specific to online lessons and one-on-one conferences with their teacher, throughout the school year. Parents/caregivers are expected to work in partnership with teachers to facilitate the continued learning at home.

*All online students will need regular access to a laptop/desktop computer and a reliable internet connection.

Please note this offering is contingent upon sufficient enrollment.  A final decision regarding this program will be made by April 30.

An information session was held at the end of March. You can watch the recording here: 

Key timelines:

  • Applications opened on April 1 at 9:00am and closed on April 16 at 4:00pm.
  • Families admitted to the program will receive an email confirmation of this by April 20 and will need to accept placement by April 23rd.
  • A final decision on whether the program will proceed for September 2021 will be made by April 30th.

Important note: If you accept a placement in the Online Program, your child’s enrolment will be transferred to the Hume Park Learning Centre. If you later change your mind, your space at your current school will no longer be guaranteed and will be guided as space permits.

Applications to this program are now closed. We will be in contact with applicants soon. Thanks for your interest. 


More about the Hume Park Learning Centre options for 2021-22

New Westminster Schools offers options for families who prefer to have their child educated primarily in their home. Our programs offer choice and flexibility for children and parents to partner with a certified teacher to design learning experiences that are unique to each family. This is a teacher-led and facilitated program which offers two streams, both run out of our Hume Park Learning Centre: the Home Learners Program stream and the Online Learning Program stream.

The Home Learners Program differs from the Online Learning Program in this way:

Home Learners Program (HLP) is a K -9 program offering families choice and flexibility in co-designing learning plans that are unique to each family … varying more from the traditional curriculum model of brick and mortar schools or the online learning program. Students are encouraged to attend two days of weekly, in-person learning sessions and to participate in a variety of teacher-led outdoor and community-based learning opportunities throughout the year.

*Registration for this program has closed, but a waitlist is being accepted for families who are interested in seeing if they might be a good fit: 

Regardless of which stream students are in, both programs offer:

  • Co-created student learning plans developed through a collaborative process with teachers, parents/caregivers, and students (when appropriate) upon registration in the program
  • Learning plans reviewed two times each year through three-way conferencing sessions (November and February)
  • Report cards issued to students three times each year (December, March & June)
  • On-going assessment and feedback of submitted student work, including student portfolios
  • Access to an extensive loaning library of curricular resources
  • Access to a basic allotment of $600 each year to support each child’s learning plan, with purchasing coordinated through the Hume Park Learning Centre staff