Our Board - Policies & Procedures - AP100

Admin Procedures Section 100: GENERAL ADMINISTRATION

AP 100:  Strategic Plan

AP 101:  Annual Reports

AP 102:  School Growth Plans and Results Report

AP 103:  School Reviews

AP 104:  District Code of Conduct

AP 105:  Decentralized Decision-Making

AP 106:  Decision-Making Process

AP 110:  Parent Advisory Councils

AP 111:  District Parent Advisory Council

AP 117:  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)

AP 120:  Policy and Procedures Dissemination

AP 121:  Development and Review of Administrative Procedures

AP 130:  School Calendar

AP 131:  Variation of School Day

AP 132:  Closure of Schools Due to Inclement Weather or Other Hazards

AP 140:  Digital Technology

AP 141:  Portable Technology Security

AP 145:  Use of Personal Communication Devices

AP 146:  Responsible Use of Electronic Social Media

AP 147:  Commercial Electronic Messages Anti-Spam

AP 150:  Communication and Involvement

AP 151:  Media Relations

AP 152:  Complaint Process for a Resolution of Concerns

AP 153:  Advertising Canvassing and Commercial Solicitation

AP 154:  Political Electioneering

AP 155:  Event Protocol

AP 156:  Visit Protocol

AP 157:  Flag Protocol

AP 158:  Corporate Identity

AP 160:  Health and Safety of Students and Staff

AP 161: Communicable Diseases

AP 162:  Smoke and Electronic Smoking Products

AP 164:  Food and Nutrition

AP 165:  Coping with Emergencies

AP 166:  Pandemic Response

AP 170:  Harassment Sexual Harassment

AP 171:  Bullying and Harassment

AP 172:  Propagandist or Prejudicial Conduct

AP 173:  Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

AP 175:  Violence in the Workplace

AP 180:  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

AP 181:  Surveillance

AP 190: Copyright Compliance and Fair Dealing Guidelines

AP 191:  Patents, Copyrights and Royalties






Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

Good Things are Happening: 2020-21 in review

Good Things are Happening: 2020-21 in review

It was a remarkable year, to say the least. Take a few minutes to see all we were able to achieve together. more

Outdoor Covered Play and Learning Centres at four schools

Outdoor Covered Play and Learning Centres at four schools

These new spaces are immediately providing students and staff greater ability to learn outside ... and they're a great long-term investment in supporting our schools. more

A tale of three (award winning) teachers

A tale of three (award winning) teachers

Celebrating the achievements, as recognized by three outside organizations, of some of the amazing teachers who work in New Westminster: Carmen Woo, Kristie Oxley and Barb Paul. more

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