Admin Procedures Section 100: GENERAL ADMINISTRATION

AP 100:  Strategic Plan

AP 101:  Annual Reports

AP 102:  School Growth Plans and Results Report

AP 103:  School Reviews

AP 104:  District Code of Conduct

AP 105:  Decentralized Decision-Making

AP 106:  Decision-Making Process

AP 110:  Parent Advisory Councils

AP 111:  District Parent Advisory Council

AP 117:  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)

AP 120:  Policy and Procedures Dissemination

AP 121:  Development and Review of Administrative Procedures

AP 130:  School Calendar

AP 131:  Variation of School Day

AP 132:  Extreme Weather or Other Hazards

AP 140:  Acceptable Use of Digital Technology (merged with AP145 & AP146)

AP 141:  Portable Technology Security

AP 147:  Commercial Electronic Messages Anti-Spam

AP 148:  Privacy Breach

AP 150:  Communication and Involvement

AP 151:  Media Relations

AP 152:  Complaint Process for a Resolution of Concerns

AP 153:  Advertising Canvassing and Commercial Solicitation

AP 154:  Political Electioneering

AP 155:  Event Protocol

AP 156:  Visit Protocol

AP 157:  Flag Protocol

AP 158:  Corporate Identity

AP 160:  Health and Safety of Students and Staff

AP 161: Communicable Diseases

AP 162:  Smoke and Electronic Smoking Products

AP 164:  Food and Nutrition

AP 165:  Coping with Emergencies

AP 166:  Pandemic Response

AP 170:  Harassment Sexual Harassment

AP 171:  Bullying and Harassment

AP 172:  Propagandist or Prejudicial Conduct

AP 173:  Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

AP 175:  Violence in the Workplace

AP 180:  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

AP 181:  Surveillance

AP 190: Copyright Compliance and Fair Dealing Guidelines

AP 191:  Patents, Copyrights and Royalties