Admin Procedures Section 500: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

AP 500: Budget Development, Monitoring and Reporting

AP 501:  Management of School Budgets

AP 505:  Student Fees and Deposits

AP 506:  Financial Hardship

AP 510:  Financial Accountability and Audits

AP 511:  Cash Management

AP 512:  Investments

AP 513:  Compensation of Expenses – deleted, refer to AP 575 Travel

AP 515:  Purchasing and Tendering

AP 518:  Disposition of Assets

AP 519:  Disposal of Surplus Property

AP 520:  Fundraising Activities and Sponsorship in District Facilities

AP 525:  Revenue Enhancement

AP 540:  Facilities Planning

AP 541:  Naming New Schools

AP 542:  Re-Naming School and District Facilities

AP 543:  Facilities Construction

AP 544:  Access to Buildings

AP 545:  Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management

AP 547:  Pesticide Applications

AP 550:  District Facility Use of Schools and Grounds

AP 563:  Student Transportation By Volunteer Drivers

AP 565:  Crossing Guards

AP 570:  Insurance Related to Employee Travel

AP 575:  Travel

AP 580:  Use of District Owned Vehicles