Placement Procedures

Student applications will be categorized by category (see below). The list will identify “eligible consideration for enrollment” the following September.

In-catchment area children:

Regular registration for September 2022 opened on November 1, 2021, and closed January 28, 2022.

Applications received after January 28th were placed on a waiting list. These applications were accommodated as space allows, on a first come first serve basis.

From time-to-time, due to space limitations, enrolment projects, and class size and composition limits, it may be necessary to temporarily limit particular classes, grades or schools. Schools at, or approaching, capacity may be designated as ‘full’ by the District. The acceptance of any out-of-catchment and out-of-district and/or late transfer applicants will be restricted and possibly prohibited altogether at these school sites.

Priority Order


  • space, facilities, and resources are determined to be available by the Superintendent or designate in consultation with the school principal; and
  • application deadlines and other registration requirements have been met, then enrolment in educational programs in a school will be offered in the following priority order:
    1. Continuing catchment students are automatically re-enrolled;
    2. Continuing out-of-catchment and out-of-district students are automatically re-enrolled when remaining in the same school and program;
    3. New catchment area students;
    4. Siblings of out-of-catchment continuing students;
    5. Students who are out-of-catchment and who are registered in and attending before and/or after-school childcare at a licensed childcare facility within the catchment area;
    6. Students who are out-of-catchment;
    7. Siblings of continuing out-of-district students;
    8. Students who are out-of-district.

Out-of-catchment and out-of-district students who attend school in New Westminster and students enrolled in special programs (e.g.) French Immersion, Montessori, etc. are expected to find their own means of traveling to and from school.


Waitlists will be established for those not accepted immediately, to be maintained until the last day of instruction in September. Re-evaluation of space availability will take place periodically until the last day of instruction in September to ensure that the maximum numbers of requests are met at the earliest time possible.

School Transition

Students who wish to transition as an out-of-catchment or out-of-district student from elementary to middle or middle to secondary must apply to the desired out-of-catchment/out-of-district school.