This form is for students who are residents of British Columbia whose parent(s)/guardian(s) maintain primary residence outside of the City of New Westminster’s boundaries and who are applying to attend a public school in New Westminster. Your child may be asked to reapply each year depending on availability of space, facilities and resources.

This application will be referred to a district placement committee in mid-June. If approved, parents will be notified and asked to complete the District Registration Form and provide required documentation. If not approved, parents will be notified by district staff.

Due to enrollment growth and space restrictions, a number of the schools within our District have been deemed to be “at full capacity.” Transfers cannot be made to schools deemed at capacity, with the exception of students with sibling status (for students with siblings who are already enrolled at that school, and will still be attending them in the 2022 school year). A separate application form is available for those applying for a transfer under the sibling status exemption:

Please fill out all of the below information if you would like to have your child considered for an out-of-district placement.

A separate form must be submitted for each child you would like to have considered. 

Please Note: Acceptance Out-of-District lasts until the student ages-out of the school of acceptance (Gr. 5 or Gr. 8) and does not guarantee acceptance to an Out-of-District middle or high school. 

Student Information

Out-of-District Application Information

*Please note that only schools which are open to receive out-of-district applications are listed here. If a school is not listed, it is not open for out-of-district applications. Submission of this form does not register your child. Upon acceptance, you will be required to complete the registration.

Sibling Information

Last name, first name

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Information