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Parents’ Night Out: Social Media Awareness – Safer Schools Together

Parents Night Out


A free event for parents on Tuesday, February 21 will explore the role of social media in a child’s life.

The Social Media Awareness/Management -Safer Schools Together event is sponsored by the New West Police Department, organized by the Parents’ Night Out Committee, and will be held at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Vist the Event website.

This information night will help parents be prepared for the fact that children rapidly develop their personal identities with cell phones in hand. Family rules, parental controls and developing a family tech plan will be outlined as well as recommendations for monitoring your child’s digital life. At this age, children can encounter situations that will challenge their independence, including cyberbullying (and more commonly – cyberexclusion), the dangers of anonymity, and more.

Parents can provide support and guidance during this critical period, helping children develop a strong digital citizenship foundation while reminding them that their digital footprint is a reflection of their real and online selves. 


Parents’ Night Out (PNO) is made up of representatives from New Westminster School District, Family Services, Fraserside Community Services, New Westminster Youth Services, New Westminster DPAC, New Westminster Police Department, and New Westminster Teachers Union.