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Pink Shirt Day … a celebration of lifting each other up

Across all New Westminster schools today, there was an unusual blush to the sidewalks, playgrounds and hallways … as kids and staff of all ages adorned various shades of pink to participate in Pink Shirt Day.

This day stands as a reminder of how we need to work together to fight bullying and make schools safer spaces for all students, staff and families. And it’s an invitation to consider how kindness can play a part in lifting each other up.

And while there were assemblies, art projects and many moving moments in all our physical schools today, the celebration stretched into the homes of our Online Learning for K-8 students and families as well. so, if you need to feel a little warmth on this chilly day, we invite you to spend a few minutes enjoying the “school assembly” our students and staff created, as they honour the day with their creativity, words and participation.