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Preparing for the return: Temporary MyEd BC Portal shutdown

As we work to get everything lined up for the start of the new school year, we’ve temporarily closed access to all MyEd BC Family Portal accounts for a few weeks. As we adjust homeroom and division assignments to account for continued enrollment, moves and other factors, this will allow us to ensure that any information you are seeing is accurate and representative of the year ahead for your child (or children).

If you have logged into your account within the last two weeks and seen preliminary assignments to specific classes or teachers, we do want to flag that those may still change as adjustments are being made at each school.

At our elementary and middle schools the access to MyEd BC will re-open in mid-September. For students at NWSS, Sigma, POWER and RCAP, the portal will open by September 2nd to allow students to have access to their schedules.

We hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of the summer and we look forward to welcoming you all back soon,

  • The New Westminster Schools team