The first step is to register your soon-to-be student. Regular registration runs from November through to January, with applications taken all year round. For information on the registration process, please follow this link.

Children are eligible to start kindergarten in the same calendar year that they turn 5 (meaning if your child is born September or later, they may be 4 years old when they start). Sometimes parents may choose to hold a child back for one year, if they believe they are not ready. But as a general guide the following path forward:

Children born in this year … … will typically start kindergarten in September of this year.
2017 2022
2018 2023
2019 2024
2020 2025


Welcome to school

Starting school is an important step in every child’s learning journey, and it’s a really powerful milestone for any family. We’re excited to get to support you through this transition.

After you’re registered and enrolled, schools will reach out each spring to offer families a chance to connect with the staff and school. Typically, families tour the school and meet a variety of school-based staff and local community service providers. Each family receives a Welcome to School bag and is then provided with an opportunity to work hands-on with the resources in the bags.

Want to know how you can help your child be ready to start this journey? Read this article what you can do to support a positive transition into kindergarten.

If you want to find out more information about Supports for Children with Additional Needs, please read the Transition to School: Kindergarten Entry in New Westminster handbook. This handbook is the result of a collaboration between the District, Supported Child Development (Simon Fraser Society for Community Living) and BC Centre for Ability, and has been designed as a guide for parents of children with special needs who are transitioning to Kindergarten.

Whether this is your first child entering one of our schools, or you’ve already supported other kids through this start, we’re looking forward to learning with you!