Lunch delivery for the 2024-25 School Year will begin Monday September 16, 2024 and the menu will be made available on September 2nd.

Getting started

  1. Create an account on the Lunch Lady order site.
  2. Enter the required information (e.g. name, email, password) and click the Create My Account button.
  3. Complete your Account Profile and select Next.
  4. Add a profile for your child(ren) on the “Setup your Customers” screen.
  5. Complete your child(ren)’s profile. Note: New Westminster Schools under the “Delivery Location” menu say *FuelUp! followed by the school name.


How to order

Note: Orders must be submitted by 10 a.m. at least two(2) business days in advance.  For example, for your child to receive a meal on Monday, you must place an order on Thursday by 10:00am. If you’re unable to order online, please contact your child’s school office for help.

If your child has food allergies or specific dietary needs, please download and complete our dietary needs form and email it to our provider for advice before submitting orders.

  1. Ordering is done through the “Ordering Calendar”. If you’ve set up your child(ren)’s profile, you will see the “Ordering Calendar” screen immediately upon logging into your account.
    • If you are still on the “Setup your Customers” screen, you will see an orange Order Now… button under each child’s completed profile.
  2. You can switch between your children’s profiles by selecting the appropriate child under the “This order is for” menu in addition to specifying the delivery location under the “In Division:” menu.
  3. Place orders for your desired days on the calendar by clicking the blue Place Order buttons for each child.
  4. Please make sure to review your order details before confirming your purchases.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message on the screen that your order has been confirmed.


Our menus

  • Menus rotate on a four week cycle.
  • Each monthly school menu includes multiple options, including daily vegetarian, halal, dairy, and gluten-free dishes.
  • Meal costs are $6.75 for regular size and $5.75 for little lunch size.
  • Order meals for an entire month in one transaction.


Contact us

Please get in touch with us by email if:

  • Have questions about our menu (e.g. how to order, meal options, feedback on meals, etc.).
  • Have questions about the Fuel Up! program.

If you need help setting up your account, please contact The Lunch Lady for support.