Subsidy Application Form

Please give the email address that the Fuel Up Coordinator should contact to confirm arrangements.
To help us understand the needs families are facing, or to anticipate what that looks like over time, we'd appreciate if you can take a moment to share this information with us. If you don't feel comfortable, we understand and you can skip this question. If comfortable, please briefly describe your reasons for applying for the Fuel Up! subsidy:

To assist in providing as many healthy meals as possible, we ask that families please pay what they can.

Some families will require a full subsidy, where meals will be provided at no cost to the families, and some families will be able to pay a partial fee, supplemented with a partial subsidy. Subsidies can only be used toward the purchase of one hot or cold entrée per school day (small size for $5.75 or larger sizes for $6.75).

Do you require a partial subsidy or a full subsidy?

If your application to receive either partial or full subsidy is approved, the approval will be given for the full school year. If family circumstances change and you no longer wish to partake in the program, you can contact the team at Simply Foods or your school Principal to adjust the financial approval listed in the system.