The Programs of Choice Review

In September of 2022, District staff and the Board of Education started to discuss the need to embark on a review of some of our District’s Programs of Choice opportunities: French Immersion (early, late and secondary immersion), Montessori and the Home Learners’ Program.

The educational review of the programs will allow us to gain insight into the strengths, gaps and future opportunities, as we look to best serve the current and future needs of this growing and evolving community. The review process will be focused on improving practice, guided by research, informed by stakeholder engagement and aligned with our District’s strategic plan.

What the review will cover

Our community is growing and changing. We need to ensure that the offerings we’re providing this community are keeping up with the needs we all have.

We’re going to be looking for examples of what’s working well. We want to identify and address where there are challenges and obstacles being faced. And we’re looking for places where there’s opportunity for improvement.

This project will be lead by a working group of district leadership, educational experts, and an outside consultant who will provide the review direction, help evaluate data and will be tasked with providing the final recommendations at the end of the review.

In order to assess the Programs of Choice, we’ll be looking at a few areas of focus:

  • Alignment with BC curriculum
  • Alignment with district values and the overall Strategic Plan
  • Evaluating how well Programs of Choice are meeting student’s interests and needs
  • Measuring the degree to which a program is sustainable and how it can best meet student needs in the future
  • Evaluating the physical needs, spaces and resources required to offer programs
  • Identifying existing gaps within current programs
  • Evaluating how similar Programs of Choice are offered in other Metro school districts

The data we’ll be gathering will be both quantitative (as we review student outcomes, as one example), and qualitative in nature (engaging communities in surveys, focus groups and more).

The timeline

The Programs of Choice Review will be conducted from the Fall through Spring of the 2022-23 school year.

It’s important to note: given the below timelines, regardless of the results, there would be no significant changes made for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. Any possible recommendations that may be considered would likely for the 2024-25 school year or later. 

Here is the proposed timeline we’re currently working to achieve:

  • November: Finalize timeline, scope, consultation plan.
  • November/December:
    • Data collection (HR, student-based data, attrition rates, waitlists)
    • Project development (hire consultant, survey writing, preparations for engagement opportunities)
  • January / February:
    • Online surveys (will be available on this website)
    • Focus groups
    • Stakeholder and Indigenous Rightsholder conversations
  • March: Data review and draft report development
  • April:
    • April 11: Draft report presented at Education Policy and Planning Committee meeting
    • April 25th: Final report with recommendations presented to the Board of Education

Throughout this process we’re committed to connecting with ALL members of our learning communities. We will be reaching out with opportunities to engage in this process as we collect the thoughts and feedback from students, staff, parents and other members of our community.