Summer Short Courses

In addition to all our regular full-credit courses, we’re excited to be offering students some shorter non-credit courses that may spark interest, support areas where a bit of extra instruction might make next year easier, or provide some early exposure to upcoming curriculum for students in middle and secondary schools.

These courses are based on Ministry of Education curriculum. They are NOT for credit and will not appear on transcripts. But they build skills and knowledge, as they expose students to new concepts and skills.

All classes will be run out of New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) Monday to Friday, from July 4 to July 21, 2023. All short-course classes are currently scheduled to run from 9am to noon.
*Where interest is high and we can add classes, afternoon classes may be offered between 12:30 and 3:30 pm.

*Daily attendance is mandatory (students who miss two classes will be automatically withdrawn from the class).

In-district students applying for Summer Short Courses, use this link:
Out-of-district students applying for Summer Short Courses, use this link:

Unless otherwise noted, the grade levels listed below reference the grade you will be entering in September 2023. And with the exception of where nominal material fees apply, all courses are offered free of charge for BC residents (the only exclusion is for International Students who may need to pay a course fee). 

Course Description Status
Fitness & Conditioning 9/10/11 (Football focused) The integrated football, strength and conditioning course provides a space for an individualized introduction to a variety of safe fitness activities as well as developing the skills and understanding necessary in the sport of football. CANCELLED
Foundations of Literacy & Numeracy 7/8/9 This course builds the foundation necessary for future success in future grades with focused work, tailored to individual students, on fundamental Math and English skills, study and work habits, and motivation. It is taught cooperatively by a mathematics teacher and English teacher. It is a great option for students who are struggling with the fundamental skills in grades 7-9. FULL
Foundations of Wellness Skills 8/9/10 Learn skills that will help you and others make good decisions, set and meet goals, build healthy boundaries and relationships, and resolve conflicts.
French Immersion 7/8
*Who are already currently enrolled in French Immersion
Enrichment Increase your familiarity with written and spoken French through stories, research and debate. CANCELLED
Integrated Studies: English, Arts & Movie Making 7/8/9 Expand your language arts skills through film. Students will write, act in, shoot and edit a film during this course. Morning FULL

New afternoon class open (CANCELLED)

Intro to Culinary Arts 8/9/10 Learn the art of creating meals from scratch in a professional kitchen! *$25 fee for materials FULL
Intro to Japanese Language and Culture 8/9/10 Learn some written and spoken Japanese, and explore Japanese crafts, food, cultural practices and travel tips. This is a great opportunity to explore perspectives and discover some basic exposure to Japan culture!
Math Skill Building 6/7 If you have completed grade 6 and want a preview of the next grade, or you passed grade 7 but want to strengthen your skills going into grade 8, this course is for you. Students who completed grade 5 with a strong performance in math may also apply to take this course. Morning FULL ,
New afternoon class open
Math Skill Building 9 If you have completed grade 8 and want a preview of the next grade, or you passed grade 9 but want to strengthen your skills going into grade 10, this course is for you. FULL
Math Skill Building 10 If you have completed grade 9 and want a preview of the next grade before you take it, or you took grade 10 but want stronger skills going into a grade 11 mathematic course, this course is for you. CANCELLED
Media Presentations 10/11/12 Discover the secrets of preparing and providing great presentations that are fun for both you and the audience. Students will give three, short presentations – demonstration (‘show me’), informational (‘tell me’), and persuasive (‘convince me’) – in this practical, hands-on class. CANCELLED
Science Explorations 7/8/9 Get a hand-on introduction to scientific knowledge and lab techniques in a high school level classroom. Expect experiments daily … rocket science included! *$25 fee for materials. Morning FULL
Afternoon FULL

Have questions about the courses? Reach out to Jamie-Lynn McArthur at


To register for short, non-credit courses:

Applications for Summer Learning will be open from Monday April 17th at 10am until June 26th at 4pm.

In-district students applying for full credit courses, use this link:
Out-of-district students applying for full credit courses, use this link:

New this year: all applications for summer learning will be accepted via the forms linked above. All registrations will be treated on a first come, first serve basis, noting that in-district students will be given priority for the first two weeks.

Applications for both in-district and out-of-district students will be accepted at the same time, but priority for the first two weeks will be given to in-district students (until end of day on April 30th). A first-come, first serve priority list will be created for each course, with out-of-district applications being added to the in-district list on May 1, 2023.

Placement of students into the classes will start no later than May 15th, with confirmation emails starting to follow shortly after.

Please note that you will need your child’s PEN number to successfully register. If you don’t know how to find your PEN number, use this guide to finding your Personal Education Number.

The District reserves the right to cancel a course if there is not sufficient interest.

Out-of-district students: if successful in securing a spot into a course, you will be required to have the student’s current school counsellor complete the below form before your enrollment is complete. The completed form must be emailed back to in order to secure your space. The form is linked here: Out-of-district student proof of enrollment form

International students: please follow the instructions above to register, depending on the district you’re currently enrolled with. If you attend school or courses as a designated International student, course fees must be applied.