We’re just working to update dates, times and course offerings for Summer 2023. Check back here for more soon! 

Foundations of Literacy and Numeracy

These specialized foundations courses build the skills and habits necessary for future success in either Math or English, and is a great option for students struggling with the fundamental skills in grades 7-9.

This course is offered July 5th to 22nd, from 9am to 12pm, at New Westminster Secondary School.

Want to know more about this specific course? Here are details about how this specialized foundations course can build the skills and habits necessary for future success in either Math or English: 2022 Foundations of Literacy and Numeracy brochure

Summer Short Courses (new in 2022!)

In addition to all our regular full-credit courses, and the above foundations courses, we’re excited to be adding some shorter non-credit courses that may spark interest or support some earlier exposure to upcoming curriculum for students in middle and secondary schools.

These courses are based on Ministry of Education curriculum. They are NOT for credit and will not appear on transcripts. But they build skills and knowledge, as they expose students to new concepts and skills.

All classes will be run out of New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) from 9 to 12pm, Monday to Friday, from July 5 to July 22, 2022.
*Unless otherwise noted, the grade levels listed below reference the grade you will be entering in September 2022. And with the exception of where nominal material fees apply, all courses are offered free of charge (the only exclusion is for International Students who may need to pay a course fee). 

Course Description
Integrated Studies: English, Arts & Movie Making 7/8/9 Expand your language arts skills through film. Students will write, act in, shoot and edit a film during this course. FULL with a waitlist Note: a PM option may be added if there is sufficient enrolment to the waitlist
Financial Literacy 9/10 Learn some practical skills and essential elements of financial health.
French Immersion 7/8 Enrichment Increase your familiarity with written and spoken French through stories, research and debate.
Intro to Culinary Arts 8/9/10 Learn the art of creating meals from scratch in a professional kitchen!
*$25 fee for materials 
FULL with a waitlist
 Math Skill Building 6/7 If you have completed grade 6 and want a preview of the next grade, or you passed grade 7 but want to strengthen your skills going into grade 8, this course is for you. NEARLY FULL
Math Skill Building 9 If you have completed grade 8 and want a preview of the next grade, or you passed grade 9 but want to strengthen your skills going into grade 10, this course is for you.
Modern Language Sampler 7/8/9 A brief ‘taster” course: learn the basics of Spanish, Korean and Japanese! A great introduction to classes you may want to take later.
Science Explorations 7/8/9 Get a hand-on introduction to scientific knowledge and lab techniques in a high school level classroom. Expect experiments daily … rocket science included!
*$25 fee for materials
FULL with a waitlist
Foundations of Wellness Skills 8/9/10 Learn skills that will help you and others make good decisions, set and meet goals, build healthy boundaries and relationships, and resolve conflicts.

*Please note that classes that do not meet minimum enrollment levels may need to be cancelled. Enrollment is based on a first come, first serve basis for those courses that may fill up quickly.

Have questions about the courses? Reach out to Jamie-Lynn McCarthur at jmcarthur@sd40.bc.ca


Register now!

Registration for any of these courses are coordinated through the school your student is currently enrolled in:

Registration for the new short courses will begin for students currently enrolled in our schools on May 24th, with registration for out-of-district students opening on May 31st.