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RCAP return to Columbia Square

Today we share this news: beginning September 2020, the Royal City Alternate Program [RCAP] will be moving back to the school district’s New Westminster Columbia Square location, where it will be co-located with the POWER Alternate Program and the New Westminster Online Program.

This co-location model will allow us to lead into the future as we pool resources to provide, to a now larger group of students, new opportunities and access to additional supports. It’s all part of our District’s efforts to sustain and build the best possible programs while meeting the learning needs of all students.

As with any change, it may affect some ways the program will be run. But it is important to note that we do not anticipate any negative changes to staffing as a result of the collaboration. In fact, we anticipate it will increase the timely access to staff supports for all students. That’s great news because it is the people who make the biggest difference. And that is also why we’re so appreciative of the dedication of the students, staff and parents at RCAP and POWER … the people who make our programs such a success.

The location move will be done in a way that reflects our continued commitment to provide the important alternate programs our students, families and community count on.

In the upcoming weeks staff will work together to ensure a smooth transition for all students and families. They will look at, plan for and share the details with families: about things like increased student supports, timetabling options and new learning opportunities.

Within the next few days RCAP parents and guardians will be contacted by District Principal, Pam Craven, to provide them with further information about the co-location model, including options to schedule meetings with staff and participate in a tour of the Columbia Square location.

We look forward to connecting more as we lay the path for the opportunities the co-location model will afford all students.

All the best,
Karim Hachlaf
Superintendent of Schools / CEO

Official letter to parents, guardians and students: RCAPmove-FINAL