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School Board endorses climate strike

Photo: Dan Toulgoet

September:  The New Westminster school board voted unanimously to back students participating in an international Climate Strike on Friday, Sept. 27, taking the lead in supporting the student-led climate-action movement.

The Board voted to excuse from class any high school student with a permission slip and any middle-  and elementary-school student accompanied by a parent or approved adult to attend today’s climate strike.

Supporting youth as responsible citizens…

“Climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time, and an important priority for students, teachers, and staff at New Westminster Schools,” Chair Mark Gifford said in bringing the motion forward to the board September 17.

Superintendent Karim Hachlaf sent a letter to parents and guardians this week,  outlining district procedures in support of students who choose to mobilize Friday to amplify concerns about the climate emergency.

“Climate change and environmental issues are embedded in our curriculum and we as a school district care about environmental sustainability,” Hachlaf said.  “I encourage our students and staff to engage in ongoing dialogue as it is an issue which impacts us all.”

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