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Skwo:wech Build Update

Dear Students, Parents, Caregivers and Staff,

Last night the Board of Education was given a formal update on the work that’s being done to finish the new Skwo:wech Elementary School. We wanted to share some of that news with you.

Since we updated you about the supply chain related delays, our capital project leads and contractors have been closely monitoring the situation and doing everything they can to keep the project moving. What they shared last night was that, while they are seeing some supply chain issues resolve, others continue to be a challenge … noting that delays in product delivery can also affect the timing and availability of the crews required to do the work.

The net result is: while we continue to see progress on the new Skwo:wech Elementary, we anticipate that it will be sometime after Spring Break that we will be able to safely move into the new space.

We will update you as soon as we can confidently give a more exact date, with the goal being to give staff and families as much notice as we can, to allow for required arrangements to be made.

Thank you for your continued patience,
Bettina Ketcham


PDF: Secretary-Treasurer Update on Skwo:wech Build