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Stepping out: Walk30 hits New West

If you think you’re seeing a few extra people hitting the pavement around your home, you’re not imagining it: Walk30 has launched again!

The annual New West and Burnaby health promotion campaign challenges people to walk vigorously for 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

Classes from across the District have signed up for the challenge … taking advantage of the warmer weather to encourage everyone to move their bodies a little more (which we know is great for stimulating their minds too).

And for those with a competitive spirit, the challenge also allows you the opportunity to up your personal goals and compete against other groups or individuals for the most minutes of walking. But for teachers and classes with their sights on the title, they’ve got competition from the back-to-back (2018 & 2019) winner Naimah Asad, a Grade 4 teacher at Lord Kelvin Elementary. Here’s a great profile on her approach and how she connects it into year-long learning for her students: 

Walk30 runs from May 10 to June 13th … and it’s never to late to sign up and show your commitment to moving! (Plus, the two cities are in competition with each other … so showing a little New West pride can be as easy as just taking a few minutes to sign up and track the walking you may already be doing!)

Find out more and sign up here: